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Personalised Dog Collars
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Green Tartan Dog Collar

Metal Buckle, Christmas Traditional Plaids, festivals Holidays Flannel, Custom Engraved.

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Boho Aztec Cotton Dog Collar 

Voile Styles, Laser Engraved Metal Buckle, Quick Release Buckle, Designer Collars.

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Valentines Geo Hearts Dog Collar

Pink And Black, Heart Prints Custom Dog Collar.

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Boho Floral Dog Collar  

Bronze Orange, Laser Engraved,, Metal, Wild Floral, Quick Release Buckle, Spring, Whimsical.

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Personalised Dog Collars

About us

Bow Bow Store creates high-quality, handcrafted dog collars with personalised metal buckles. We want to give your pet the opportunity to look good and cute when heading out for a walk. The dog's name will be engraved on metal buckles that are attached to the collars. In order to provide a better finish, metal buckles will be available in two colour options: golden and gun-metal, with a plating thickness of 5 microns. Every month, new prints created by our in-house design team will be released in accordance with holidays and seasons.

Safety being our number one priority, we want your dog to enjoy safe and secure adventures using our dog collars.

They are easy to clean and fast-drying. Manufactured to the highest standards, using strong stitching and quality metal for the D-ring fittings, our cotton dog collars will not let you or your best friend down.

*Please note that like all human accessories, dog accessories are subject to wear and tear, and it is the responsibility of the owner to keep an eye on the condition to make sure it is safe for their dog to wear.


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Metal Buckle
Available in 2 colours

Metal buckles will come with two colour options i.e golden and gun-metal with a plating thickness of 5 microns to give a better finish.

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Font Design
Available in 4 fonts

You can choose font for your pet name which will be printed on metal buckle.

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Font Design
Available in 4 Sizes

Dog Collars are available in 4 sizes as show in above picture.

Frequently asked questions


    Q : Do you ship any where?
    A : Yes, absolutely, we will ship internationally and throughout India.

    Q : Can my order be customised?
    A : Sure, your belt will be customised with your dog name on the buckle.

    Q : What is your payment method?
    A : Our payment method is online throughout Gpay, phone pay, or paytm.
    COD not available.

    Q : When will I recive my order?
    A : You will receive your order with in 8 to 10 working days.

    Q : When will my order be shipped?
    A : Your order will be only confirm after your payment is done.


    Q : Which material are used to make the product?
    A : The material of the fabric is pure cotton, and the material of the buckle is zinc alloy. And also, a belt filed with soft EPE sheet.

    Q : How do you measure the dog's neck size?
    A : To measure the dog's neck size, use a flexible measuring tape or string that you can wrap around the neck and measure the neck at the base, where it meets the shoulders, and leave enough space for two finger to fit between the measuring tape and the neck.

    Q : What is the colour of the buckle?
    A : Golden and gun metal plating.


    Q : Will I pay to return an order?
    A : Once your order is confirmed, It will not be returned. If it is made by customised.

    Q : What is the shipping cost?
    A : 100 to 150 in India, approx. 500 worldwide.

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